Branding Package for Design Better Learning

Branding Package for Design Better Learning

Design Better Learning is the brain child of one of the most insightful and intelligent people I’ve ever met. Julie is an instructional designer who creates e-learning experiences, along with giving talks and presentations on the subject.

My first step in this project was having Julie fill out our brand questionnaire. She already had a great sense of her audience and how to interact with them. This was incredibly helpful when deciding how to create her brand. It was important to Julie that the branding feel approachable and conversational, not stuffy. The key words I gathered from her completed brand questionnaire were quirky, friendly, modern, accessible and conversational.

I then used these key words to create a mood board. As always, this is how I perform a visual gut check to make sure the client is comfortable with the direction of the project. Below is the mood board that inspired Julie’s brand.

The next step was incorporating ideas from the brand questionnaire and mood board into preliminary logo options. Julie constantly brought up how important it was for things to feel conversational and interactive. It’s these specific words that inspired the first logo option. For the second logo, I was inspired by the strength of Julie’s content and teachings as a guide for her clients. From this inspiration, I came up with the idea of a compass for her logo. The last logo option was inspired how she described her presentations and e-learning. She made it sound like a fun school where people interact with her as they learn. From this I wanted to create a shield symbol that also took on the shape of a pencil.

Julie was immediately drawn to the first option! She loved the simple lines and the visual representation of the conversational approach she takes to her teaching.

Once the logo was in place, I began working through other materials that Julie requested. We created business cards and a letterhead, as well as redesigned worksheets that she uses in her classes and includes in the back of her textbooks. We also created a PowerPoint template along with digital pieces for her to use with the e-learning software. Take a look at the images below to see how it all came together.

I had such a blast working on this branding package for Julie! Branding is one of my main design passions. If you’re looking to rebrand or if you’re starting a brand from scratch, we’d love to help! Just reach out to us on our Contact Page.

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