Mongoid, Scoped Findings

Mongoid, Scoped Findings

This past week or team ran into a rather annoying bug in Mongoid. It seems that Mongoid has issues creating a query that performs a find against a scope created using the _id field.

Suppose you create a scope like users = array_of_ids). If you’re interested in finding a specific user within that scope, you might try a query like users.find(id: user_id). However, there’s a problem with this approach. When Mongoid executes the query, the find kills the previous scope and performs a find against the entire collection. Much to our dismay, we found the same issue when using a where query for the initial scope.

After investigating the query logs, it became evident that Mongoid was doing a merge operation when the _id field was involved. We found a way to drop down to the driver and manually created a query that used a combination of $and and $in. This query allows us to achieve the desired result using Mongoid.

Or conclusion is that in order for Mongoid to respect scope while performing a find, you have to use a scope like this: users = User.and(:[](\> array\_of\_ids). From that scope, you can then execute the find users.find(id).

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